Environmental Profile

Apex is in the process of developing the most environmentally friendly natural gas-fired power plant in the state of Texas. Our compressed air energy storage (CAES) plant will use nitrous oxide (NOx) control technology in order to gain recognition as a “minor source” of air emissions under the Clean Air Act. Because a CAES unit does not require water for steam condensing, our facility will consume a fraction of the water needed for conventional means of electricity generation.  As seen in the graphic below, CAES heat rates (a measure of natural gas conversion efficiency) compare favorably to those of conventional natural gas plants. Finally, a two-train, 317 MW CAES installation has a very small footprint; surface disturbance can be limited to as little as ten acres.
The unprecedented ramp rate of our CAES facility will enable it to supply the same amount of grid reliability services as roughly 1,600 MW of conventional generators. This efficient provision of grid services will displace less efficient units and reduce the total emissions associated with keeping our grids up and running. To learn more about how CAES achieves a negative CO2 footprint while providing services to support grid reliability, have a look at this document.
The minimal environmental impact of our CAES facilities enhances the attractiveness of our technology and raises the bar for competitors in a market with increasing demands for environmentally friendly power generation. Our environmental stewardship extends beyond the low environmental impact of our plants. The storage function and quick-response generation capabilities of CAES facilities act to encourage the integration of renewable power generation such as wind and solar.