About Us

Apex is a Houston, Texas based company created with a vision to develop, construct, own and operate compressed air energy storage (CAES) plants. CAES is a proven power storage and generation technology with unique capabilities to satisfy emerging grid and power market needs. We are pursuing CAES as a market-based solution without reliance on government subsidies, and development and operation of our projects will adhere to our core values.

The Apex management team possesses exceptionally deep power industry experience encompassing power project development, marketing, trading, power plant operations and finance. Our highly accomplished management team is supported by an investor with broad experience in energy storage, further enhancing Apex’s ability to achieve its project development objectives.  The company’s principal investor, Haddington Ventures, has over 20 years of experience developing, constructing and operating underground natural gas storage projects. Most recently, Haddington underwrote development of the Norton CAES project in northern Ohio, which was sold in 2010 to FirstEnergy Corp.